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Clint Eastwood made my day. Slimy limey pierce Morgan and Werewolf Blitzer, were going crazy over Clint Eastwood’s RNC speech. I bet it hit a nerve. Don’t matter what CNN Idiots think, it’s all about how an average American feels. And, we love every word he said. At last one Hollywood Giant is in our side for a change. Last night at RNC Slimy limey, was going after one interview to another looking for a partnership against Clint East wood. Oh! how dare Clint say something like that right! Oh! how could CNN listeners take Seven minutes of talking to an empty chair right? Well slimy limey, now you know our pain. How you think we feel about Listening to an empty chair full of empty promises for four freaking years? How do you think we felt?

I am glad Clint is thorn in your ass. Clint Eastwood spoke our mind. He had guts to say it as it is. He is who he is for a reason and Thank God for that. Mr. Clint Eastwood you mad our day.

I am no genius like Clint Eastwood. So I don’t know how to say it without saying it like the way Clint did. So Here it is -screw your self Slimy Limey pierce Morgan.


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My mother was a great cook. She comes from a family who really knows how to make delicious food. But unfortunately she was an asthma patient. Therefore, some days she was unable to cook for our family. Whenever she was sick I had to satisfy with my sister’s or servant’s cooking. I did not like the taste of their horrible food, so I learned how to prepare my own food. I watched when my mother or my grandmother cooks. I became their taste tester. This habit developed my skill to identify flavors of their cooking. Today I can cook something just by tasting the sample.

Here I thought to share some of my greatest recipes. However, these recipes are not for freaking liberals. They are very spicy and full of rich flavors, In other words these foods are for hard-working people. Yes they are full of fat. So if you are a liberal, then stay the f….k away from this site. My food is not for sissies.

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NOW president: Ann Romney lacks “life experience” and “imagination” to relate to most Americans….

First attacked Ann Romney,and now they Attack Both Ann and Mitt Romney for saying not have an enough life experience…Well what experience are they lacking?

Liberals make these comments on Romney family because, they are still a family? Or because, they have 5 kids from same farther and mother? Or is it because they are a heterosexual couple?

What life experience you think they need? You think they shouldn’t have work hard and become successful, or maybe they didn’t have life experience of welfare. Or maybe is that they didn’t attend to Wall Street occupy movement or anything that kind. So they don’t know what it likes to be an activist?Or is it they still have a faith In God. what is it? I am running out of thoughts here.

Liberals disgusts me, but I know not all liberal women are this bad as these women who claim to run the DNC. Sometimes I wonder all liberal women are lesbians and atheists? But I know there are many good moderate liberal women out there. I know there are many women other than conservative women who are not agree or speak for these low-level Degenerates. There are some wars you never will win. And wars against Mothers are one of them. Neither party will win a war over mothers. Every woman has a right to speak up for her country and economy.

I know it is not right to judge but, What if I ask from This Hilary the lesbian Hack, what do you know about mother hood? Do you have any kids your own? Do you know the pain of child-birth? Do you know how it feels to carry a baby in her womb for 9 months? Do you know how it feels when breast feeds? I sure don’t and I am sure neither do you. We only can imagine. It is funny that you seem to have all the answers to working mothers when you aren’t a mother to begun with. World respect mothers more than Dads and it is a fact. It is shameful that you refused the God-given Gift of “Mother Hood” to become a lesbian. That is you choice but please leaves our mothers alone.

By the way how it feel when you own Boss man throw you under the bus?Not so much fun isn’t it?

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I was listening to Rush Limbaugh; he was making a point about dependency. He said” Fed animal is a dead animal. Government doesn’t allow feed the wild life unless there is a special reason, because feeding wild life help to destroy animal’s natural instincts for survival and hunting mechanism”. And Rush Limbaugh did point out that putting people on welfare also make similar effect. He is so right that is why some people refuse to work and totally depend on welfare.
let’s take a look, who really use the welfare? Liberal Hippies, Poor white people and poor black people. If you are unemployed, disabled, or elderly person then there is no option. But those are not the only people  who use this. There are so many people who abuse this system. Please check this video. this will make you furious.

I don’t have any hope or respect for hippies but I often wonder why black people? There are the most competitive people I know. Take any black athlete for example, they not only compete with others, they often compete themselves for self-improvement. I never seen a black man says “I just want to be like that guy” because they always want to be better than that guy. They ride with style, dine with style, even holds the gun with style. Black people make the world so colorful, regardless the meanings,their songs heard all over the world, their fashion copied around the world.I am so sick of seen that Liberals keep trying to trap them in to welfare. I truly believe no matter how big the resistance, if someone can take them out of the welfare and put them to work, they will help the economy Big time. I am sure there is a huge hidden potential to be revealed. Look around, see all the successful black people, the things they bring to table every day.
I heard from a black comedian that among them there are two kinds of blacks, P…N…rs who can’t get things done. And there is Real N…rs, the one that get things done.So I wonder what kind that you want to be?Forget the hippies and liberals, deep down in your heart you know you are a true republican, true capitalist and true competitors.

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                               Liberal hack Jane Fonda, one who said “Republicans scare me hope Obama will reelected” is now set to portray Conservative Icon Nancy Reagan. When it comes to money liberals don’t have shame, but it got me wonder is that all they are after? I am sure this will be another Box office hit. What if this is also turnout to be another distorted movie like 2012 Game Change. Can you trust these double standing liberals?can you imagine how important it will be for liberals to destroy the image of conservative icons.

                               Unlike Liberals, we pay for Movies we watch, most of us do not contribute to piracy. And in the end we help liberals to get rich.Of cause no good deed goes unpunished, at the end we let Liberals sand bagged us.So I really wonder who really supporting Obama’s Super PAC? Is it Bill Maher or is it Spike lee or people like us who made those actors rich?

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Hola! Americans!

Election is coming, exercise your right to vote. Not just once, but as many times as you please. No! you don’t need an ID. This is America.ID is for Important things like buying condoms, Drugs and get in to casinos. To elect the most power full man in the country, nahh.. you don’t need an ID.

No ID, No papers, No problem, don’t forget to vote for jackass. We love you!!!!!

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Please stop fighting each other and drag this primary any longer. This is like quick sand. Everyone tries to drag each other down. Can’t we stop this now and continue on 2016? Don’t you think any of these four candidates are 10 times better than what we have now? Let’s make country 10 times better than now and then think about making it perfect on 2016 election. Time is running out, it is time to get ready for the general election. Stop wasting campaign money for destroy each other.  Billion dollar Libaral campaign is waiting to out run us.

Romney has the clear lead, But others want to drag this to Brokered conventions on august. Then it is too late.If that happens, might as well declare the defeat now and get on with our lives. Please don’t encourage this to go on. It is Time to rally behind the leading candidate.

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