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We may not be able to compete with China, but still can survive, if we use our manufacturing capabilities to produce high-end products. For example. There are cheap cars from Korea and high-end cars from Germany. Germans don’t seem to bother competing Korean or Chinese or Japanese cheaper labor practices. But they are still doing good, because there are targeting the market of luxury products.

Design Engineer for Ranger Rover Evoque once told “Why people buy luxury products, one word is desirability, people really don’t need it, but they want it. It is the emotional connection that makes luxury products sell.” He is right if you have money you have the right to spend it anyway you please.

Word “Made in America “holds a huge weight. People still believe, Made in USA products are top of the line. So don’t ruin it. Just try to brand it. Do the best you can. Don’t cut corners. May not be cheap, but may be able to hold the market for rich. Yes 1% of the rich capitalists. Don’t you want to suck them, dry? So here is the chance, make them spend their money. At least this way that money will stay inside the country.

These days you hear on liberal campaign speeches that Government motors doing well. Almost all the government vehicles including Cop cars are GM made. Well who can’t be on top of the list with that kind of back up.

Low end GM models are very messy, poor interior finish, same basic body shape throughout the car line up. (It is the same base model with a different grill on most Gm, Chevy and Cadillac models). This low quality craftsmanship will Make Kia or Hyundai looks like luxury car models.In the other hand Ford and Chrysler are doing far better, their models look lot nicer, interior look very neat and eye-catching. They can easily compete with German or Italian car market. Free trade policy between countries that don’t have good labour practices are suicidal. What we need is fair trade not free trade.

Did you ever wonder why there is a big difference between Government Motors and rest of the two American car makers? Well may be it is, those car makers have more freedom to build the vehicle that people really want to buy, not the car that Government tells you to build. Here, we go, one more reason that government should stay away from business sector.

We should give tax Credit for the people, who buy America products. We should call them patriots. Well I thank most of the black people and people from south for buying American made cars. Most of them may be poor, but they believe in this country. Yes you liberal Prius loving hippies, you are the scum of this country. Body fat waste of this economy


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Lady Justice has often been portrayed wearing a blindfold. The blindfold represents unbiased opinion, in that justice is or should be meted out objectively, without fear or favor, regardless of color, money, power, or weakness; But in reality, is it really a blind a justice? What I see is two kinds of justice, one for rich famous liberals and one for rest of us.

Tell me if I am wrong, when Roman Polanski rape a 13 year old and get away, while somewhere in the countryside, 21 year old falling love with 16 year old is a crime that should be punished by least twenty year of jail time. Prove  if I am wrong, when Famous Hollywood rats publicly admit doing cocaine and brag about it on mainstream media while Anthony in ghetto or John in the hick get arrested, body cavity searched and rot in prison for some weed.

I am tired of seen and hearing of” give a black man a chance”. How about the rest of us, Chinese, Arabs, Koreans, Japanese and many other who live here, who you don’t even know where they came from. Do you hear us complaining? Justice is not the only thing should be blind, when it comes to electing a president it should also be done with closed eyes. Not the color, but contents of his or her character, experience and reputation should be the qualification. When it comes to presidency, you don’t give a chance just because he or she is black or white. You don’t give or take any chances when it comes to future or safety of the country, because weaken America will jeopardize and weaken the safety of rest of the world.

I have many black friends. Some say that as long as I don’t talk people might think I am black. (I have an accent) When first got here, I liked it because I thought it was so cool to be black, they were funny and cool. But not anymore, after 2008 they took a wrong turn, it hurt me to say this, but has to say it. They started to act selfish. Earlier it was two party system, liberals and conservative, but now it is conservatives, liberals and blacks. Black people become so ignorant that they don’t care who it is as long as he is black. Doesn’t matter or care about the country all they care is electing one of them. This is like a train wreck, something so beautiful and valuable is destroying in font of very eyes. I know not every black person is like this. There are patriots like Colonel Allen west, Herman Cain, Lloyd Marcus and many more, but they are not cool enough because they don’t rap, because they don’t have cool handshakes, because they don’t have phony messages or slogans, because they put the country first before race.

New trends introduce to world every day; wireless, topless and the newest trend: spineless. Yes! Americans become like spineless monkeys. Monkey sees monkey does, they do whatever the race hustlers want. When is this going to end? One side, there is race hustlers other side the guilt caused by liberals. It is like monkey who caught his tail between a cleft. Well you have to lose the tail in order to evolve. This is one way to lose the tail, so man up! Pull the wedge. Close your eyes go vote for what is right.

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Yes what would I do if I can have seventy-two virgins? Opps! hold on, what I mean Seventy two females virgins. Yes sir, Female of course. Well it is tempting but, I would pick the hottest one and let, rest of them go. I am one woman man and tell you the truth; I get pretty tired from just one girl. You know what I mean. Yes panting like a dog.

This whole thing got me thinking, where are these virgins come from? I guess, girls go to heaven just like men. If that the case these girls must be so ugly. Who can stay a virgin until they go to heaven? So there is another reason for me to decline. And again who can deal with seventy to PMS Ladies. I know many highly educated Muslim friends, and I asked them the same question. They also confused, but, I never tried to push this any farther because I did not want to shake their faith. Sometimes it amaze me to see their untamed faith. Their faith is so strong and beautiful, may be that is the reason that religious extremists manipulate them so easy. On the other hand I do question everything. Neither Bible nor Koran can make me believe just because something was written in there. It has to make me understand. It doesn’t mean I don’t believe In God. I do believe in higher power, most people call him God and he had helped me many times. If I do anything in the name of God or religion then, it has to agree with my heart. I am not ready to harm, any living thing just because of someone offered me seventy-two virgins. I mean where is the fun? Having someone hand over seventy-two girls. I like to work for it. I like go to my favorite bar and sit in a corner and stare at the girl I like, not knowing what to do.

I always have second thoughts about going to Heaven and stay there for eternity. I know I have done my share of good deeds and same time I have had my devilish moments, where I had cursed, cheated, hated, lied and done other bad things that I cannot mention. So I think my chances of get in to heaven or hell is fifty-fifty. Therefor I like to believe that I will reject from both heaven and hell and come back to the earth, the home of humans, animals and liberals.

I have a question for Osama Bin laden regard of this whole Virgin deal. Well it may be too late. However, these are my questions. Didn’t you advised your disciples to volunteer to blow up and kill infidels. Didn’t you tell them that dying for God is beautiful andwill be reworded with seventy two virgins. So why didn’t you blow up before you get killed. Did you forget to press the button on your west? What happened? did you freeze? It is easy said than done isn’t it?

My second question is, why only guys go to heaven with virgins? What happened to good patriotic God-loving Muslim ladies? What will happen to them after death? Do they get to go to heaven with long and strong seventy-two men?

However, I hope you are in heaven and got the seventy-two virgins? Hope they are all girls. Enjoy! Psykes! You fking hypocrite, hope you rotten in hell forever. Hey by the way can you blow up the hell for me?

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This is my Jam. No, it is not a slow Jam...

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My idea of the perfect president….

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Let’s say hypothetically, there is a bomb threat inside an airport. And there is only 10 minutes remaining it will explode. Inside the building there are few whites, blacks and Asian/middle eastern descents. And one of them has the code to disarm the bomb. So what would law enforcement do in a situation like this? Conduct a random check? Or eliminate the best possibilities by checking the Middle Eastern people first? If there are statistics and reasons to believe that threat comes from a certain race, is it unlawful to profile them? If a white man goes on a killing spree then should we waste time checking black men? Same goes to blacks or any other race. Isn’t it simple and smart to stay on facts and statistics or waste time and money by trying to be politically right?

The reason I brought this up because two years ago, I had two similar experiences. One time I was heading to Las Vegas and while I was on the bag check line, there was a 13-year-old white boy standing in front of me. Suddenly two officers showed up drag him out of the line and start searching him. After the security check was completed, I thought it was my turn, so I stepped towards the officers, but they said.” this is a random check .It is not your turn”. What just happened here? Strip-search a 13-year-old kid? And let me go without searched? If there was a possible threat, then it is more like to be me than anyone else. I am not from a Arabic country, but we look-alike. I don’t mind the little hassle for greater good. Unfortunately everyone knows current threats are mainly coming from our part of the world, So I thought, what if I did get checked that day, there could be many happy stress free people on that flight and probably I could have a decent conversation with the hot girl sat next to me. Instead, every time I get up to go to the restroom, I saw that everyone’s eyes wide open with suspicion. Second incident happened while I was traveling to Los-Angeles to see my fiancée. Inside the plane there was a Muslim gentleman came sat next to me. He had dressed exactly like the way Bin-laden dresses.(maybe he is a religious Leader) And he had a small bag with him and I did not see him go through the bag check. During the entire flight, I was scared and suspicious, I prayed to every God I know for a safe landing. So now I know how others felt about me when I was inside a plane. Probably this gentleman also felt the same way about me. Who knows? May be he was scared of me too. Would it be nice if we both gone through a proper security check. Then, we both could have an easy flight. And also rest of the passengers could have an easy flight.

I don’t know about hippies, but people from my part of the world tougher than you think. We don’t get offended that easy. As long as there is a good reason, we don’t mind go through a security check or search at the airport. And we rather associate with people who say what they mean than fake hippies who just trying to be politically right.

This is a muddy subject. Probably I never should have written anything. Well please let me know how you feel. If you are a foreigner like me and think this is offensive please let me know, I will remove this article.

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Special note: If you are new to my blog, then please read the profile. Then, you know I am a foreigner whose mother language is not English. This blog is for average person who value same conservative ideas like mine. There may be many Errors and I appreciate a constructive criticism. But please don’t come to my blog and start calling names and pointing out how wrong I am. These are my free thoughts, if you don’t like it just feel free to leave or leave a meaning full decent comment. 

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