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We may not be able to compete with China, but still can survive, if we use our manufacturing capabilities to produce high-end products. For example. There are cheap cars from Korea and high-end cars from Germany. Germans don’t seem to bother competing Korean or Chinese or Japanese cheaper labor practices. But they are still doing good, because there are targeting the market of luxury products.

Design Engineer for Ranger Rover Evoque once told “Why people buy luxury products, one word is desirability, people really don’t need it, but they want it. It is the emotional connection that makes luxury products sell.” He is right if you have money you have the right to spend it anyway you please.

Word “Made in America “holds a huge weight. People still believe, Made in USA products are top of the line. So don’t ruin it. Just try to brand it. Do the best you can. Don’t cut corners. May not be cheap, but may be able to hold the market for rich. Yes 1% of the rich capitalists. Don’t you want to suck them, dry? So here is the chance, make them spend their money. At least this way that money will stay inside the country.

These days you hear on liberal campaign speeches that Government motors doing well. Almost all the government vehicles including Cop cars are GM made. Well who can’t be on top of the list with that kind of back up.

Low end GM models are very messy, poor interior finish, same basic body shape throughout the car line up. (It is the same base model with a different grill on most Gm, Chevy and Cadillac models). This low quality craftsmanship will Make Kia or Hyundai looks like luxury car models.In the other hand Ford and Chrysler are doing far better, their models look lot nicer, interior look very neat and eye-catching. They can easily compete with German or Italian car market. Free trade policy between countries that don’t have good labour practices are suicidal. What we need is fair trade not free trade.

Did you ever wonder why there is a big difference between Government Motors and rest of the two American car makers? Well may be it is, those car makers have more freedom to build the vehicle that people really want to buy, not the car that Government tells you to build. Here, we go, one more reason that government should stay away from business sector.

We should give tax Credit for the people, who buy America products. We should call them patriots. Well I thank most of the black people and people from south for buying American made cars. Most of them may be poor, but they believe in this country. Yes you liberal Prius loving hippies, you are the scum of this country. Body fat waste of this economy


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I was listening to Rush Limbaugh; he was making a point about dependency. He said” Fed animal is a dead animal. Government doesn’t allow feed the wild life unless there is a special reason, because feeding wild life help to destroy animal’s natural instincts for survival and hunting mechanism”. And Rush Limbaugh did point out that putting people on welfare also make similar effect. He is so right that is why some people refuse to work and totally depend on welfare.
let’s take a look, who really use the welfare? Liberal Hippies, Poor white people and poor black people. If you are unemployed, disabled, or elderly person then there is no option. But those are not the only people  who use this. There are so many people who abuse this system. Please check this video. this will make you furious.

I don’t have any hope or respect for hippies but I often wonder why black people? There are the most competitive people I know. Take any black athlete for example, they not only compete with others, they often compete themselves for self-improvement. I never seen a black man says “I just want to be like that guy” because they always want to be better than that guy. They ride with style, dine with style, even holds the gun with style. Black people make the world so colorful, regardless the meanings,their songs heard all over the world, their fashion copied around the world.I am so sick of seen that Liberals keep trying to trap them in to welfare. I truly believe no matter how big the resistance, if someone can take them out of the welfare and put them to work, they will help the economy Big time. I am sure there is a huge hidden potential to be revealed. Look around, see all the successful black people, the things they bring to table every day.
I heard from a black comedian that among them there are two kinds of blacks, P…N…rs who can’t get things done. And there is Real N…rs, the one that get things done.So I wonder what kind that you want to be?Forget the hippies and liberals, deep down in your heart you know you are a true republican, true capitalist and true competitors.

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