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Clint Eastwood made my day. Slimy limey pierce Morgan and Werewolf Blitzer, were going crazy over Clint Eastwood’s RNC speech. I bet it hit a nerve. Don’t matter what CNN Idiots think, it’s all about how an average American feels. And, we love every word he said. At last one Hollywood Giant is in our side for a change. Last night at RNC Slimy limey, was going after one interview to another looking for a partnership against Clint East wood. Oh! how dare Clint say something like that right! Oh! how could CNN listeners take Seven minutes of talking to an empty chair right? Well slimy limey, now you know our pain. How you think we feel about Listening to an empty chair full of empty promises for four freaking years? How do you think we felt?

I am glad Clint is thorn in your ass. Clint Eastwood spoke our mind. He had guts to say it as it is. He is who he is for a reason and Thank God for that. Mr. Clint Eastwood you mad our day.

I am no genius like Clint Eastwood. So I don’t know how to say it without saying it like the way Clint did. So Here it is -screw your self Slimy Limey pierce Morgan.


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