Letter to God


I know we were not on the same page for while. We have had our differences and not always I did follow your path, but you know I always love you and respect just like any other. You had shown me some miracles and that definitely took away my doubts about your existence. People say : it is God’s will. Well I know you are all mighty, but I am not like others I always question. Well after all, you are the one who made me this way, am I right? Well I don’t know why you created me with such a high standards that I never could achieve. You set my bars so high and I never satisfied with what I have. There was a saying “better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” But I think otherwise. You know what I have been through. And you know how I begged on my knees saying please don’t hurt me anymore. That very day within hours you decided to introduce me to her. I thought she was a gift from you. I still think she was a gift, the gift you took away from me.

She reminded me a nice song about you and your creation. Like the song says” God must have spent little more time on you” you definitely spent great deal of time to make her so pretty and perfect. On the other hand, I think you had spent great deal of time on me too. I think you did make sure that I don’t get anything easy. And I think you did make sure my life flows like a violent river. I couldn’t find a song to describe myself but this song sure describer her right.

“Your love is like a river
Peaceful and deep (and deep)
Your soul is like a secret
That I never could keep
When I look into your eyes
I know that it’s true
God must have spent. …little more time on you”.

You made me fall in love with her on just one phone call, you made us come together, and then you let my world go upside down by taking her away from me. What was your plan? How could you possibly think things will go right between us?, Someone imperfect like me and perfect girl like her? Was that one of your wicked Joke? If it was, then it wasn’t funny at all. I never want to go through a pain like that anymore. But what its worth I still love her. Even that little time I had with her felt like heaven. I hope heaven feels better or at least just like that.

I know love is blind. So I thank you for saving my life on that dark night. I never really wanted to crash my tuck in to I-10 Bridge. Still don’t know how I survived, but I am sure you have something to do with it. I really appreciated your help. I did not want to see the bottom of that bay. I guess you knew that I hate the taste of Louisiana bay water.

Now I know that world is a big game to you and we all have to play. I really wanted to quit. So I took time off for two years of my life. It was the most boring time I ever had. So I am back. Hope this time you will show me some kindness. I sure hope to see you someday and I am sure I have enough points earned. If you keep my accounts straight, then you know my good deeds supersede the bad things I did. Past few years there was not even a misdemeanor on my record.I helped everyone you sent me to help. Even though I don’t have much to spare, I gave more than what you had recommended.

Your teaching prohibits Cussing, cheating, polygamy, Drugs, and many more bad things. But why still rappers and pimps do better than me? I like to ride a Lamborghini too. I thought just to let you know. Well if it was too much to ask, then how about a Ferrari? Well I am kidding. Forgive me! But I do have few things that I need. Here are the most important things I want. I want my gift back. The gift you took away from me. And I hope you give us a conservative president this November. One who keeps his promises? If you give us a good president, then we don’t have to bother you so much for small stuff. If we have a job, then we can get those things by ourselves.


God bless


Last year, I had an accident. While working on a boat refit project, I hit my head on a beam that had a notch on it. This notch pierced my skull a quarter inch deep and blood was gushing out all over my head. My crew took me to the emergency room. No, I did not have my insurance, but hospital treated me well and I thanked them for thier kind service. Two nurses and one doctor checked the wound, no x-rays were taken. They cleaned the wound and put derma bond on it. (Medical version of super glue.) Then the doctor told me everything is okay. It took them 45 minutes. The sucky part was they billed me $4,800. I did my own estimate, Even if they charged $200 per hour for the consultation and the super glue does not cost more than 800 dollars. So why this cost me 4,800 dollars? It’s because of   insurance to protect the hospital and their crew form malpractice.

I don’t believe in socialist medicine. (If you can afford, then you should have right to choose) but I do believe in welfare medicine. (If you can’t afford, then shut up and take what they give, and be grateful for their service.)

I do believe in some sort of security over malpractice, but I don’t believe in a trial lawyers. The problem in this country is that there are so many ambulance chasers and Liberal minded vultures that constantly look for an opportunity to sue and make money.

Trial lawyers and these Liberal vultures make the cost of medicine go higher and higher every day. We need a state regulated panel to decide in an event of a malpractice. We need to stop milking millions out of a 100 dollar injury.

American drug companies spend millions of dollars to develop new medicine. We need to protect their patterns. We shouldn’t let countries like India or China to copy the formula and make it cheaper.

I support the Free Health Care for poor people. And I support early testing. Prevention is always better than a cure. If you can save millions of dollars by doing an early test, I don’t mind even if it is mandatory by the government. There are some things that government should enforce and this is one of those things. No I am not a liberal, but not a blind Republican either. Conservatism is all about saving money. And if we can save billions by early detection, then why not do it? It doesn’t matter how healthy you are, we never know what might happen to us tomorrow. I know so many people that Ignore aches and pains because don’t have a way to pay their medical bills. This is unacceptable. America supposed to be the best country in the world.

We may not be able to compete with China, but still can survive, if we use our manufacturing capabilities to produce high-end products. For example. There are cheap cars from Korea and high-end cars from Germany. Germans don’t seem to bother competing Korean or Chinese or Japanese cheaper labor practices. But they are still doing good, because there are targeting the market of luxury products.

Design Engineer for Ranger Rover Evoque once told “Why people buy luxury products, one word is desirability, people really don’t need it, but they want it. It is the emotional connection that makes luxury products sell.” He is right if you have money you have the right to spend it anyway you please.

Word “Made in America “holds a huge weight. People still believe, Made in USA products are top of the line. So don’t ruin it. Just try to brand it. Do the best you can. Don’t cut corners. May not be cheap, but may be able to hold the market for rich. Yes 1% of the rich capitalists. Don’t you want to suck them, dry? So here is the chance, make them spend their money. At least this way that money will stay inside the country.

These days you hear on liberal campaign speeches that Government motors doing well. Almost all the government vehicles including Cop cars are GM made. Well who can’t be on top of the list with that kind of back up.

Low end GM models are very messy, poor interior finish, same basic body shape throughout the car line up. (It is the same base model with a different grill on most Gm, Chevy and Cadillac models). This low quality craftsmanship will Make Kia or Hyundai looks like luxury car models.In the other hand Ford and Chrysler are doing far better, their models look lot nicer, interior look very neat and eye-catching. They can easily compete with German or Italian car market. Free trade policy between countries that don’t have good labour practices are suicidal. What we need is fair trade not free trade.

Did you ever wonder why there is a big difference between Government Motors and rest of the two American car makers? Well may be it is, those car makers have more freedom to build the vehicle that people really want to buy, not the car that Government tells you to build. Here, we go, one more reason that government should stay away from business sector.

We should give tax Credit for the people, who buy America products. We should call them patriots. Well I thank most of the black people and people from south for buying American made cars. Most of them may be poor, but they believe in this country. Yes you liberal Prius loving hippies, you are the scum of this country. Body fat waste of this economy

Liberals give excuses and reasons to save thier sorry asses, so they don’t have to join. However there are many join every day. Whatever the reasons make young Americans join armed forces: maybe money for college, maybe for better future, maybe to stay away from unemployment line. Whatever the reason, they had something you don’t have. No matter the reasons, those kids had courage, the spine that you don’t have.

They served liberals; they served socialists; they served conservatives, whoever their commander in chief they served him without questions. While their victories and their failures used for political gain they had to settle for a chunk of metal attached to piece of string. While law helps terrorists to get way saying “mentally unbalanced”, our soldiers serves tour after tour until they mentally break down. Real heroes don’t get to come home. With some luck and God’s help if they come home, what we do? Put them in jail. This is what happens when people who never been to war become Generals. Only war they have participated was in EX Box 360, and probably that also managed to lose to some Chinese kid. This is what happens when hippies become leaders.

While you were watching fireworks at Millennium Park on 31st night, they were facing real fireworks. While you were sipping beer and eating pizza on half time of a supper ball party,they were reloading their guns and helping wounded fellow soldiers, that was how they spent their half time.

Because of them, you sleep tight at night. Because of them, you frking liberals camping out on Wall Street without having to fear of getting blown up.If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything. If there are people still care about our soldiers, then go to this link and help them. http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/ It is not the amount of your donation, it is your participation that count. Knowing that someone cares about them is the greatest medallion they can receive. You are their purple heart, you are their silver cross. They were there for us when we needed them most, so now it is our turn.

Lady Justice has often been portrayed wearing a blindfold. The blindfold represents unbiased opinion, in that justice is or should be meted out objectively, without fear or favor, regardless of color, money, power, or weakness; But in reality, is it really a blind a justice? What I see is two kinds of justice, one for rich famous liberals and one for rest of us.

Tell me if I am wrong, when Roman Polanski rape a 13 year old and get away, while somewhere in the countryside, 21 year old falling love with 16 year old is a crime that should be punished by least twenty year of jail time. Prove  if I am wrong, when Famous Hollywood rats publicly admit doing cocaine and brag about it on mainstream media while Anthony in ghetto or John in the hick get arrested, body cavity searched and rot in prison for some weed.

I am tired of seen and hearing of” give a black man a chance”. How about the rest of us, Chinese, Arabs, Koreans, Japanese and many other who live here, who you don’t even know where they came from. Do you hear us complaining? Justice is not the only thing should be blind, when it comes to electing a president it should also be done with closed eyes. Not the color, but contents of his or her character, experience and reputation should be the qualification. When it comes to presidency, you don’t give a chance just because he or she is black or white. You don’t give or take any chances when it comes to future or safety of the country, because weaken America will jeopardize and weaken the safety of rest of the world.

I have many black friends. Some say that as long as I don’t talk people might think I am black. (I have an accent) When first got here, I liked it because I thought it was so cool to be black, they were funny and cool. But not anymore, after 2008 they took a wrong turn, it hurt me to say this, but has to say it. They started to act selfish. Earlier it was two party system, liberals and conservative, but now it is conservatives, liberals and blacks. Black people become so ignorant that they don’t care who it is as long as he is black. Doesn’t matter or care about the country all they care is electing one of them. This is like a train wreck, something so beautiful and valuable is destroying in font of very eyes. I know not every black person is like this. There are patriots like Colonel Allen west, Herman Cain, Lloyd Marcus and many more, but they are not cool enough because they don’t rap, because they don’t have cool handshakes, because they don’t have phony messages or slogans, because they put the country first before race.

New trends introduce to world every day; wireless, topless and the newest trend: spineless. Yes! Americans become like spineless monkeys. Monkey sees monkey does, they do whatever the race hustlers want. When is this going to end? One side, there is race hustlers other side the guilt caused by liberals. It is like monkey who caught his tail between a cleft. Well you have to lose the tail in order to evolve. This is one way to lose the tail, so man up! Pull the wedge. Close your eyes go vote for what is right.

Yes what would I do if I can have seventy-two virgins? Opps! hold on, what I mean Seventy two females virgins. Yes sir, Female of course. Well it is tempting but, I would pick the hottest one and let, rest of them go. I am one woman man and tell you the truth; I get pretty tired from just one girl. You know what I mean. Yes panting like a dog.

This whole thing got me thinking, where are these virgins come from? I guess, girls go to heaven just like men. If that the case these girls must be so ugly. Who can stay a virgin until they go to heaven? So there is another reason for me to decline. And again who can deal with seventy to PMS Ladies. I know many highly educated Muslim friends, and I asked them the same question. They also confused, but, I never tried to push this any farther because I did not want to shake their faith. Sometimes it amaze me to see their untamed faith. Their faith is so strong and beautiful, may be that is the reason that religious extremists manipulate them so easy. On the other hand I do question everything. Neither Bible nor Koran can make me believe just because something was written in there. It has to make me understand. It doesn’t mean I don’t believe In God. I do believe in higher power, most people call him God and he had helped me many times. If I do anything in the name of God or religion then, it has to agree with my heart. I am not ready to harm, any living thing just because of someone offered me seventy-two virgins. I mean where is the fun? Having someone hand over seventy-two girls. I like to work for it. I like go to my favorite bar and sit in a corner and stare at the girl I like, not knowing what to do.

I always have second thoughts about going to Heaven and stay there for eternity. I know I have done my share of good deeds and same time I have had my devilish moments, where I had cursed, cheated, hated, lied and done other bad things that I cannot mention. So I think my chances of get in to heaven or hell is fifty-fifty. Therefor I like to believe that I will reject from both heaven and hell and come back to the earth, the home of humans, animals and liberals.

I have a question for Osama Bin laden regard of this whole Virgin deal. Well it may be too late. However, these are my questions. Didn’t you advised your disciples to volunteer to blow up and kill infidels. Didn’t you tell them that dying for God is beautiful andwill be reworded with seventy two virgins. So why didn’t you blow up before you get killed. Did you forget to press the button on your west? What happened? did you freeze? It is easy said than done isn’t it?

My second question is, why only guys go to heaven with virgins? What happened to good patriotic God-loving Muslim ladies? What will happen to them after death? Do they get to go to heaven with long and strong seventy-two men?

However, I hope you are in heaven and got the seventy-two virgins? Hope they are all girls. Enjoy! Psykes! You fking hypocrite, hope you rotten in hell forever. Hey by the way can you blow up the hell for me?

This is my Jam. No, it is not a slow Jam...

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