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Dear God I don’t think you can run this world on Auto Pilot any more. I know you must be tired , but we desperately need help. If you did not hear the news, then please check the link below


You shook my Faith again God. There are millions of married couples  begging on their knees inside Temples, Churches and Mosques, every day they pray for your gif of a child. And you decided to give thirty kids to some degenerate Bum? I don’t think even Angelina Jolie can afford thirty kids. What is going on? Feels like you  have given up on us. I feel double standing here.

Most of us still follow your teachings and try to obey everything you said. It is not easy any more with this atheist government. We can use some help here. Dear God you honestly expect us to take the tab of those 30 kids? We hardly afford our own kid right now.


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I know we were not on the same page for while. We have had our differences and not always I did follow your path, but you know I always love you and respect just like any other. You had shown me some miracles and that definitely took away my doubts about your existence. People say : it is God’s will. Well I know you are all mighty, but I am not like others I always question. Well after all, you are the one who made me this way, am I right? Well I don’t know why you created me with such a high standards that I never could achieve. You set my bars so high and I never satisfied with what I have. There was a saying “better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” But I think otherwise. You know what I have been through. And you know how I begged on my knees saying please don’t hurt me anymore. That very day within hours you decided to introduce me to her. I thought she was a gift from you. I still think she was a gift, the gift you took away from me.

She reminded me a nice song about you and your creation. Like the song says” God must have spent little more time on you” you definitely spent great deal of time to make her so pretty and perfect. On the other hand, I think you had spent great deal of time on me too. I think you did make sure that I don’t get anything easy. And I think you did make sure my life flows like a violent river. I couldn’t find a song to describe myself but this song sure describer her right.

“Your love is like a river
Peaceful and deep (and deep)
Your soul is like a secret
That I never could keep
When I look into your eyes
I know that it’s true
God must have spent. …little more time on you”.

You made me fall in love with her on just one phone call, you made us come together, and then you let my world go upside down by taking her away from me. What was your plan? How could you possibly think things will go right between us?, Someone imperfect like me and perfect girl like her? Was that one of your wicked Joke? If it was, then it wasn’t funny at all. I never want to go through a pain like that anymore. But what its worth I still love her. Even that little time I had with her felt like heaven. I hope heaven feels better or at least just like that.

I know love is blind. So I thank you for saving my life on that dark night. I never really wanted to crash my tuck in to I-10 Bridge. Still don’t know how I survived, but I am sure you have something to do with it. I really appreciated your help. I did not want to see the bottom of that bay. I guess you knew that I hate the taste of Louisiana bay water.

Now I know that world is a big game to you and we all have to play. I really wanted to quit. So I took time off for two years of my life. It was the most boring time I ever had. So I am back. Hope this time you will show me some kindness. I sure hope to see you someday and I am sure I have enough points earned. If you keep my accounts straight, then you know my good deeds supersede the bad things I did. Past few years there was not even a misdemeanor on my record.I helped everyone you sent me to help. Even though I don’t have much to spare, I gave more than what you had recommended.

Your teaching prohibits Cussing, cheating, polygamy, Drugs, and many more bad things. But why still rappers and pimps do better than me? I like to ride a Lamborghini too. I thought just to let you know. Well if it was too much to ask, then how about a Ferrari? Well I am kidding. Forgive me! But I do have few things that I need. Here are the most important things I want. I want my gift back. The gift you took away from me. And I hope you give us a conservative president this November. One who keeps his promises? If you give us a good president, then we don’t have to bother you so much for small stuff. If we have a job, then we can get those things by ourselves.


God bless

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