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Last year, I had an accident. While working on a boat refit project, I hit my head on a beam that had a notch on it. This notch pierced my skull a quarter inch deep and blood was gushing out all over my head. My crew took me to the emergency room. No, I did not have my insurance, but hospital treated me well and I thanked them for thier kind service. Two nurses and one doctor checked the wound, no x-rays were taken. They cleaned the wound and put derma bond on it. (Medical version of super glue.) Then the doctor told me everything is okay. It took them 45 minutes. The sucky part was they billed me $4,800. I did my own estimate, Even if they charged $200 per hour for the consultation and the super glue does not cost more than 800 dollars. So why this cost me 4,800 dollars? It’s because of   insurance to protect the hospital and their crew form malpractice.

I don’t believe in socialist medicine. (If you can afford, then you should have right to choose) but I do believe in welfare medicine. (If you can’t afford, then shut up and take what they give, and be grateful for their service.)

I do believe in some sort of security over malpractice, but I don’t believe in a trial lawyers. The problem in this country is that there are so many ambulance chasers and Liberal minded vultures that constantly look for an opportunity to sue and make money.

Trial lawyers and these Liberal vultures make the cost of medicine go higher and higher every day. We need a state regulated panel to decide in an event of a malpractice. We need to stop milking millions out of a 100 dollar injury.

American drug companies spend millions of dollars to develop new medicine. We need to protect their patterns. We shouldn’t let countries like India or China to copy the formula and make it cheaper.

I support the Free Health Care for poor people. And I support early testing. Prevention is always better than a cure. If you can save millions of dollars by doing an early test, I don’t mind even if it is mandatory by the government. There are some things that government should enforce and this is one of those things. No I am not a liberal, but not a blind Republican either. Conservatism is all about saving money. And if we can save billions by early detection, then why not do it? It doesn’t matter how healthy you are, we never know what might happen to us tomorrow. I know so many people that Ignore aches and pains because don’t have a way to pay their medical bills. This is unacceptable. America supposed to be the best country in the world.


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