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My mother was a great cook. She comes from a family who really knows how to make delicious food. But unfortunately she was an asthma patient. Therefore, some days she was unable to cook for our family. Whenever she was sick I had to satisfy with my sister’s or servant’s cooking. I did not like the taste of their horrible food, so I learned how to prepare my own food. I watched when my mother or my grandmother cooks. I became their taste tester. This habit developed my skill to identify flavors of their cooking. Today I can cook something just by tasting the sample.

Here I thought to share some of my greatest recipes. However, these recipes are not for freaking liberals. They are very spicy and full of rich flavors, In other words these foods are for hard-working people. Yes they are full of fat. So if you are a liberal, then stay the f….k away from this site. My food is not for sissies.


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Chicken pastry

Chicken pastry.

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