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This is my Jam. No, it is not a slow Jam...


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Well don’t have time for a slow Jam, because some of us have to work for living. So here it is in fastest way possible.

Sometimes no matter how  worst the parents are, children somehow find a way to be better. This is how I see American people. Clearly, this Government did nothing but talks. GDP is going down faster than my Car RPM, all the campaign promises are now up in thin air, but American people try to do their job the best they can. They take pay cuts, work long hours, brown bag their lunch, and do whatever it takes to survive.

Do you remember, when was the last time you had a vacation? Even you did, I am sure it was a short one and most of them probably did some work while on the vacation. We don’t have time for long vacations, we can’t afford the luxury to take a bubble bath in a lavish hotel in Las Vegas or we don’t have time or money to scout vacation spots in South America for future fun.

Remember these words? “You don’t go buying a boat when you can barely pay your mortgage. You don’t blow a bunch of cash on Vegas when you’re trying to save for college. You priorities. You make tough choices.”

Yes we, the hard-working people make tough choices, us the one have to cut back and choke, while they campaigning and having fun on Taxpayers dime. While husband and family and their entourage fly on separate jets, they want us to buy a Tin Can so we save less than 300 Dollars on our entire vacation, while they waste 68000 $ per hour to run their Jumbo Jet. Not just one how about two.

When we were young, we knew Santa Claus does not exist, but we pretended or we tricked our minds to believe that he exists. Well now we have grown up, so are we still going to believe in this Santa? Do you think he ever delivers what he promised? Haven’t we waited enough?

A real leader always delivers his promises. A real leader seldom use words like “I, he, and they” .However all we hear today is “I did this, I did that and he failed and they screwed up”. A real leader doesn’t make excuses. Most of all he never tell his fellow-men to go North while he is heading South.

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My idea of the perfect president….

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Today there is a big concern about the ID requirement for vote. Some say this will keep poor people away from voting. Some say it is a violation of their right to vote. Well how about the right to protect your vote. Who want to find out at the voting booth that their vote is already been used  by someone else? I am sure even Mr. Eric Holder would like to cast his vote by himself than someone else does it for him. If simple I.D card can protect this then, why not use it.

Cross the country, you can get an ID for less than 30 dollars for five-year period. Even people in welfare can afford it. Only reason someone doesn’t have state or Federal issued ID maybe be he is not an American citizen or maybe he has problems with the authority (suspended license, Arrest warrants,).

We’ll let’s say for some strange reason someone really cannot afford the ID card. Then, if that the case, we should take it very serious, crying out loud, my God! Think about the pain these people going through, even guys in prison have more freedom than these people. Because of this ID these people can not buy beer, can not buy porn movies or  buy a condoms. Wow! they can not go to a bar or a club.  Think about the world of opportunities they miss because of this. Oh shit! They can’t even collect the food stamps! What a mess! I guess unemployment lines are empty because of this no ID. Who are we kidding…

Americans give so much free stuff, so why not this. Just pets’ sake gives this 30 dollar ID free to these people and get over with it. Make sure you do it before November election. If we have Billions of dollars to give away to Muslim brotherhood, if we have millions of dollars to protect some mineral fish in California, how about just give these people the freedom. Aren’t liberals all about the freedom? So just give this ID free, I am sure republicans won’t say anything. Maybe this will help these people to get a Job, job that never wants to do? Or at least go back to school that they dropped out long time ago. Wow! Think about the opportunities……

Does anyone think about how valuable the vote is? Election Day is the only day that even pathetic liberals worth something. This is the day that politicians on their knees begging for you, no matter how pathetic you are. So why not use this only chance. One vote can change the course of a nation for rest of its life. You can go from democracy to dictatorship by just one vote. You can bankrupt the country by just one vote.

If it up to me I would not only check the ID, I would check the fingerprints, retinal scans and a DNA test before, someone vote because it is that important. So stop making up excuses for your own gain. Take this serious. Freaking liberals!!!!!

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If I don’t have this heavy accent, I would become a rapper. How hard it would be, you make millions with no sweat. Songs doesnt have to make sence right? doesn’t even have to ryme.Dirtier the words more money you make. I heard rappers  runing out of women’s body parts to sing about. Well this is my first rap so go easy on me.. lol

Put on, I put on for my city

I put on for my city

Put on East side, put on west side

Put on south side, put on… let see what we have tonight

I got the money and fame and that don’t mean shit..

I got the debt up to 5 trillion man, that don’t mean shit..

Because Jesus event cant bring me peace ..I put on……

(Yo’, man) Yo’ (Open up, man)

What do you want, man? (My peeps just caught me)

You let them catch you? (I don’t know how the mic was on) With who?

(The Russian big boss, you know) Man (I don’t know what to do)

Say it wasn’t you (Alright) Say it was bush…

Bush Bush! Bush! Bush!……

Stop! now make that muther fker pay….

Go Nancy, It’s your birthday ….We gon’ party like it’s GSA in la-vagas

We gon’ sip Bacardi like it’s your birthday And you know we don’t give a fk cause, Mitt aint win da primary yet… go Gingrich, go Gingrich…we love you

We will, we will bankrupt you!….

We will, we will bankrupt you…..( clap)

Tea bagers you  idiots make a big noise

Shoutin’ in the street gonna take on the world some day

You got blood on yo’ face Y’ big disgrace Wavin’ your banner all over the place..we will we will screw you…

Window to the wall… get law, get low, get low

Healthcare to birth control ..

To all skeet skeet skeet Tea bagers…

What? didn’t work?

Stop. Drop it! drop it!back it! drop it like its hot. lets change, change, change…..

 yes we can! yes we can! hope! hope! hope!…..Green! Green! Green! Green!

What? Chevy Volt on fire? Didn’t work it either?

Damn! lets tune to Al Green then

I…. am So.. in love with you? Ooo ooo owww

How was that? Nope? Shit! now what?

Go Sharpton! Go Sharpton! find that Zimmerman and hang him high!

Race! Race! Race! Race! Class! Class! Class…Guns.. Guns…Guns

Meet me in the hood it’s going down…. Meet me at the mall it’s going down!

How was that? It works? Hell ya.. Let’s take  another vacation

Chilin in a Holiday Inn.

Meet me at the Holiday Inn

Now that what I’m talking bout.. We gon’ Fight hoes like secret service…

Yeah we ain’t doing nothing but chillin We chillin’ and nuttin’ ……

What now? Dog meat? Oh shit.. that was long time ago amigo….

Who let the dogs out? Woof, woof, woof

Who let the dogs out!

Stop, drop, KABOOM!, what is it now? Romney won!

Damnn man I just spilled my drink!

Oh well I tried, these are not even my words. My english is way better than this. Thank you..lol Peace I am outa here oops

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I live in a small college town in south. There are young people from all around the world live here. On Saturdays I usually go downtown. I get in to any bar I can think of except Gay bars :). (I don’t think there is any). Every Sunday While we were standing on the line watching hot girls skip the line, there is a preacher boy stand next to the line and preaching about salvation. He is so annoying, but no harm to anyone. One night he was conducting his business as usual until some girls jumped out of the line and create a scene. Three girls went to the preacher boy and said: “boy what right you have to tell us what to do? Just because we go to a club, who are you to judge us? We are not hoes, we are just having fun and tell us where is it in the Bible say not to go clubbing?” wow! Crowd was cracking up and preacher boy was turning red. Well these three freedom fighters keep going on and on about thier rights and ask some respect for thier freedom. And finally these three girls decided to give preacher boy a booty dance and cops had to come and rescue him from these three Girls.Well surely these were free spirit girls (at least that was what I thought) so they won the religious freedom and got back on to line like no one’s business. Well who was going to say anything to them now right?

So I thought tonight is the night. The night this club goes upside down. I thought these three girls go in and smash the DJ’s turntable and kick his ass. Songs he plays are the worst. These songs degenerate women like bad cheese. So I was look forward to seeing some drama.

Finally after long wait I got in. Inside the club there were rockers, country folks, hip hoppers and lurkers like us, (the foreign students don’t dance much so we are mainly called as creepers or lurkers) everyone was in just like a normal Saturday night, so DJ started spinning, first he played some hard rock for rockers to go wild, then some country, so country folks can move around the floor with their wives. Then finally the main event  Hip-hop party.

A** a** a** a** a**- Ass ass ass ass ass Stop. Now make that mother f**ker hammer time like -Stop drop it drop it- You got everybody in here oh my gosh-ing- Bad bitches I’m your dada white girls go gaga………..

Here we go, the disgusting song was playing and I was trying to locate those freedom fighters. Well they were there, but not doing what I thought there were going to do, Instead kicking some ass, all I saw was their ass were up on air and hip hop boys doing some things only you can imagine. Cell phone paparazzi are rolling their cameras and those three girls were in a fight to keep their skirts down.

Well I guess women’s right and freedom stops after midnight! What else I can say. One of my Middle-Eastern friend said” They say we put women to second level, but look at them now; they are down to the floor level.

I am sure Monday morning they will go back to fight their women’s right like nothing happened. These are the women who get up with strange guys in the morning and these are the women who do not know who their child’s father is. Of course no wonder they are so eager to have free contraception.

All these liberal freedom fighters: you cannot threaten or steel respect. Respect is something you have to earn. So how about learn to have respect towards your own self. That will be a good start.

These few degenerate ladies don’t speak for any decent family oriented women. There are many Women, live their lives with respect and passion. And south is full of them. God may bless those good women.

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Let’s say hypothetically, there is a bomb threat inside an airport. And there is only 10 minutes remaining it will explode. Inside the building there are few whites, blacks and Asian/middle eastern descents. And one of them has the code to disarm the bomb. So what would law enforcement do in a situation like this? Conduct a random check? Or eliminate the best possibilities by checking the Middle Eastern people first? If there are statistics and reasons to believe that threat comes from a certain race, is it unlawful to profile them? If a white man goes on a killing spree then should we waste time checking black men? Same goes to blacks or any other race. Isn’t it simple and smart to stay on facts and statistics or waste time and money by trying to be politically right?

The reason I brought this up because two years ago, I had two similar experiences. One time I was heading to Las Vegas and while I was on the bag check line, there was a 13-year-old white boy standing in front of me. Suddenly two officers showed up drag him out of the line and start searching him. After the security check was completed, I thought it was my turn, so I stepped towards the officers, but they said.” this is a random check .It is not your turn”. What just happened here? Strip-search a 13-year-old kid? And let me go without searched? If there was a possible threat, then it is more like to be me than anyone else. I am not from a Arabic country, but we look-alike. I don’t mind the little hassle for greater good. Unfortunately everyone knows current threats are mainly coming from our part of the world, So I thought, what if I did get checked that day, there could be many happy stress free people on that flight and probably I could have a decent conversation with the hot girl sat next to me. Instead, every time I get up to go to the restroom, I saw that everyone’s eyes wide open with suspicion. Second incident happened while I was traveling to Los-Angeles to see my fiancée. Inside the plane there was a Muslim gentleman came sat next to me. He had dressed exactly like the way Bin-laden dresses.(maybe he is a religious Leader) And he had a small bag with him and I did not see him go through the bag check. During the entire flight, I was scared and suspicious, I prayed to every God I know for a safe landing. So now I know how others felt about me when I was inside a plane. Probably this gentleman also felt the same way about me. Who knows? May be he was scared of me too. Would it be nice if we both gone through a proper security check. Then, we both could have an easy flight. And also rest of the passengers could have an easy flight.

I don’t know about hippies, but people from my part of the world tougher than you think. We don’t get offended that easy. As long as there is a good reason, we don’t mind go through a security check or search at the airport. And we rather associate with people who say what they mean than fake hippies who just trying to be politically right.

This is a muddy subject. Probably I never should have written anything. Well please let me know how you feel. If you are a foreigner like me and think this is offensive please let me know, I will remove this article.

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