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by Alien360

As a foreigner and with my limited  english knowledge this is the last thing I expected to do. I came to a point that rather say something than not saying it at all. This great Nation needs help!

I came  here to be successful and live the american dream. So if I feel something wrong, then there is really something wrong. You don’t have to listen to Republicans nor any one else, just listen to us the foreigners . Because we came from the countries that are already  In the  trouble with Big Government and corruption. Sadly america is heading are the same path of destruction. Belive me you don’t want to go there.

So bottom line is we need to have a big change and we cannot do this without the unity of all ethnic back grounds. Specially, we cannot do this without black people. America needs them.It is so sad to see that black people are so hung up on the race card and try to manipulate the system . Race card  does not do them any good. It isolates them from the rest of the society .Only advantage of this situation is,  it helps  democrats to get elected. As long as race card isolate black people from rest of the nation, Democrats can trap them  in to welfare. Democrats are the only party encourage welfare and black people believes they are their saviours, and republicans are the enemy. But if you think this through, you would see that republicans want every one to get out of this welfare and start working, and they are 100% right. Welfare is just a part-time relief in an emergency situation. It is not a career path. Black people who already understood this are living a better life  in this country than any one else. I will discuss about them later part of the blog.

When I was in college, I worked as an intern to a  multi million dollar manufacturing company. While I was working there I became one of the managers to the certain department. My point is I havent yet graduated at that time and didn’t even speak english well and also darker than any one else I know and still got the job. I didn’t see any racism nor discrimination. All I saw was. if you can get the job done right then you earned  it. Doesn’t matter who you are or your color or where you come from. The key to success  in America is depend on your ability to  get the job done right.

If you look at the world with racist point of views then what you see is what you get. It is your own daamn  fault. So please just drop the race card and start act like an American, talk like an American and walk like an American. If you can do this then you will see there is no limits to your success.

One more thing that  surprise me and bothers me is why in the world that Black people are  hyperventilating about electing a frist black president? The way I see is still there is no such a history happened. In 2009, we made the history by electing the first half white president, who raised by and grew up among white people. There is nothing wrong with that .I just wanted to make a point.

of cause we came close to elect a real black president but it slipped away. Yes I am talking about Mr. Herman Cain. The hard-working success full black man who was destroyed by democratic sewer system.

If he really did what he was accused of, do you think it took this long to surface? He was popular then as he is now.He didn’t just popped up out of no where. He was an American born, American raised hardworking black man, who became wealthy by hard-working. There is no phony baloney in his record.Birth certificate to college transcript to his service records all legit. Everything he owns is earned through hard work.  He was  your one chance to elect a real black president but you let democrats destroyed him.

All who black people blame America and white guys for their own failures, just once open up the eyes, just  once  please come out of the box and see the  black people who is already really success full. Such as Herman Cain, Opera Winfrey,LL cool J,Kenneth I. Chenault ,Herman J. Russell ,And my favourite Colonel Allen West. Well don’t have to belive what I say, just do your own research. Read about these people’s life story, they didn’t cry over things happened 150 years ago,Instead They wrote their own history.

And all so read about successful white people in this country, you will be amazed to find out most rich white guys are started as poor,or from the middle class. Only difference was they started to work  early in their life, for example, Mark cuban ( Dallas maverick owner) he started to work when he was age twelve by selling garbage  Bags. Larry Ellison, Americas 3rd wealthiest man , who was raised in a Reform Jewish family.Ellison grew up in a two-bedroom apartment in Chicago middle-class Jewish neighborhood.Ralf Lauren , who start his career as selling ties to his class mates. There are many more unbelievable life stories of successful people in this world.

Stop reading head lines and just get to the core.Dont belive everything that liberal Media says.

Blacks, Whites and American Indians are the heart of this  sweet american pie, without one another it wont be a full pie. All others comes to join this pie because you made it rich and tasty. If something happened or economy collapse all these  immigrants may  go back to their own countries. But where do you go? you are stuck here My friends, so protect what you have.

Say  these words with your self, common say it with me…

Am I dumb? Can I make my own decisions? Do I need some body to walk me through?Do I want to be successful and reward my self any way I pleased without redistribution of my Wealth? If the answers are yes except the first question then, You don’t need a government to tell what to do or where to go  or when to do. I  can make my own  decisions thank you!!!!!

I am not a Republican nor Democrat. Hell I don’t even have voting rights. But as an independent observer I wanted to say it as it is. I welcome every one who read  this to tell what they think. hope some will correct all the grammar mistakes and re write this. I didn’t write this to offend any person.  I am sorry if I offended any one except liberals.

God bless America and screw the hippies and liberals



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